Jumbo-run in Zepernick, Berlin-Buch, organized from parents of children of the school for body invalids, BVDM (Biker of the Federal-association of motorcyclists) and 'Free Biker' from Zepernick

The story:

The GEV (parents’ organisation) of the Berlin-Buch School for disabled children, together with the BVDM regional -office Ostwestfalen, and ‘Free Biker’ from Zepernick has organised our motorcycle meeting since 1977.

Our schoolchildren, their siblings and parents meet every year with side-car-drivers from all over Germany in the beautiful community Zepernick (near Bernau/Berlin). The motorcyclists arrive on Friday afternoon and put up their tents on the playing field, almost in the middle of the community, but in a protected situation. A pension within walking distance is also available. The groundkeeper of the playing field provides beverages and food. Toilets and wash facilities are available.The prices for drinks and food are kept very modest by the groundkeeper. We also gave up the idea of paying a fee for the motorcyclists. Even a barrel of lemonade and beer is sponsored by the company “RTB”.

With lovely sunshine, the children drive in Side-cars, and several Solo-machines (Chopper, Cruiser or Tourer and also Trikes), into a site in the country of Brandenburg, The distance will be approximately 40 km. For example „Wildpark Schorfheide“, in Groß Schönebeck, The Zoo in Eberswalde, Rider-yard „Insel“ in Marienwerder, Rider-yard in Wandlitz. Approximately 30 private cars and minibuses follow this parade, because there are not enough bikes for all the children. But by swapping, every child is able to take a ride on a bike. The entire route is safeguarded by the Motorbike Police. Part of the parade is also an ambulance with two paramedics, sponsored by the company “Falk Naundorf”.After a snack from the “Goulaschkanone” and a tour through the park, we have Country music with “Mike Mountain”. After that we go back to Zepernick. More surprises will wait for our children like a W50 “Tanklöschfahrzeug” of the local fire brigade, children’s programme, prominent guests. The day is imprinted in the hearts of our children and will remain unforgettable for them. The event is completed with a big campfire. As thanks, the Bikers and the sponsors get small presents from the children.Even personal friendships have originated in some cases.

The media

We especially thank for publications and press-reports with:

- Biker Börse,the motorcycle-magazine,
- Märkische Oderzeitung,
- Bucher Bote

 All sponsors and donors our most cordial thanks!!!

Whoever would like to become active with a donation or Sponsoring for the children are in loaded heartily to establish contact with one of the parents. The addresses are presented below.

The date for the next meeting is the weekend

of the 24.05. to 26.05.2024

Map:       Paris - Rom - Zepernick

Whoever would like to announce its participation, that call the following number

family Großkreutz Tel. 030 – 440 430 85 , mail grosskreutz[at]oehlrich.net

If you have any hints, corrections or supplementations please do not hesitate to contact us.